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Santa Shop Volunteers are Needed......

Hard to believe, but Christmas is fast approaching.  As we begin our seasonal preparations, we want to be sure to encourage our children to prepare as well, so they too can experience the joy of giving at the holiday.  PTO sponsors an annual event, the “Santa Shop” which allows students the opportunity to Christmas shop for family and friends during the school day.  Items are moderately priced with a wide selection to choose from.  It’s amazing to see how excited the students get when they experience the “gift of giving”.

Each grade will have a designated class shopping day/time.  A reminder note and budget envelope will be sent home as we near the sale. 

December 3 is Nursery, PK2, Grade 1, 3 and  8

December 4 is PK1, Grade 2, 5, 6, 7

December 5 is Kindergarten and Grade 4

Gift Prices range from under $1.00, with a max of  $12.00

Each gift will be sent home in its own gift bag with a to/from label

Interested in helping for a few hours on any of the days.  Are you VIRTUS trained? Use this link to sign up via the Sign Up Genius app -

If you experience difficulties using the app, you can always email us at

We really look forward to being a positive part of your child’s Christmas shopping experience.



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Research shows that children perform better when parents are engaged in education both at HOME and at SCHOOL.  By joining PTO your child will see first hand the importance you place on their education and the school community they are part of.


PTO provides support for administrators and teachers.  PTO strives to create a positive and caring atmosphere in the school and events we sponsor. We offer programs and activities that enhance the school and your child's education. 


PTO involvement helps you stay connected with the school and allows you to gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role.  You also make connections with other parents, business partners and agencies that share a common goal of student achievement.  Working together helps build a stronger foundation for students to grow and thrive.


Volunteering with the PTO allows you to contribute your skills and knowledge for the benefit of not only your child but for your school community.  PTO can help you gain expertise as a leadership volunteer, build your resume and of course make friends for life.

Won't you consider joining.....Make a difference in your child’s education