Join Our School Band

Join our school band. The school band is an in-house band program instructed by our talented music teacher, Miss Gillen. The band program is available to students in grades 3-8, with or without experience. Forty-five minute small group lessons are scheduled for Wednesdays. Lessons take place during the school day. Full band will take place before school on Wednesday mornings from 8am -8:30am. 

Orchestra and string instrumental lessons are also offered at ASCA on Thursdays. As with band, string instrumental lessons are offered during the school day with full orchestra meeting Thursday mornings from 8am-8:30am

Tuition Details: The annual tuition is divided into 9 monthly installments, October through June. The first installment is due with the registration form. The remaining 8 installments are due on the 1st of each month. You will receive a coupon sheet. These installments may be paid by your credit card(added convenience fees), personal check or cash to the main office. You can prepay some or all the installments at any time. The monthly tuition amounts are:

$50 per month  per child  per instrument*   

* For the 2016-2017 school year any band member may join orchestra for no additional lesson fees.