All Saints Catholic Academy's Faculty & Staff



Father Charles
Campus Minister


Ms. Traci Johnson


Mrs. Carrie Coffey
Business Manager



Early Childhood

 Ms. Gabby D'Alessandro                                              Ms. Nikki Handerhan                         
   UPK Teacher                                                         UPK Teacher Assistant                                   
                  Mrs. Morgan Gallo                                                          Mrs. Kristie Lott
                        PreK 2 Teacher                                                      PreK 2 Teacher Assistant
             (Biography)                                                                       (Biography)  
    Ms. Gracie  Kessler
PreK 1  Teacher Assistant
                   Ms. Rita Mikell                                                              TBD
                   PreK 1 Teacher                                                     Floating Teacher  Assistant
           (Biography)                                                                    (Biography)
    Miss Gia Lott
PreK Teacher Assistant



Elementary School

Mrs. Jennifer Forth
Kindergarten KF
  Mrs. Alicia Donohue
Kindergarten KD
Ms. Julie  Reilly
First Grade 
Biography   &  Welcome to Grade 1
  Mrs. Jennifer Farrigan
Third Grade 3F
Mrs. Suzy Kienzle
Second Grade
  Ms. Jaime Durant
Third Grade 3D



Miss Julianna Niles
Grade 4 & 5 ELA and Math
Grade 4 Social Studies

Middle School

Mrs. Kelly D'Alessandro
Grade 5  Homeroom
Math 6-8 & Algebra I
  Mr. Michael Naylor
Grade 6  Homeroom
Social Studies 5-8‚Äč
Mrs. Laura Nowosielski
Grade 8 Homeroom & Advisor
Science 6-8
  Mrs. Penny Fenning
 Grade 7 Homeroom
ELA & Literature 6-8

Special Area Teachers & Building Staff

Mr. Max Matteo
Media Sciences
  Ms. Anthea Morris
Art & Prek Phys. Ed.
Miss Ashley Fahrenkopf
World Language
  Mrs. Lenore Snow
Instrumental Music
Miss Abby Shields
Health / PE
Ms. Courtney Blackwell
Music and Movement

Mr. Paul Dearing
Parish & School Facilitities
  Ms. Kelly
Child Nutrition Director


Early Childhood Class Information
PreK 1
PreK 2
Guilderland UPK

All About Kindergarten
Kindergarten KD Curriculum & Grading Policies
Kindergarten KF Curriculum & Grading Policies

All About 1st Grade
Grade 1R Curriculum & Grading Policies

All About 2nd Grade
Grade 2 Curriculum & Grading Policies

All About 3rd Grade
Grade 3D Grading Curriculum & Grading Policies
Grade 3F Grading Curriculum & Grading Policies

All About 4th Grade
Grade 4 Grading Curriculum & Grading Policies

All About 5th Grade*
Grade 5 Grading Curriculum & Grading Policies
Google Link

Middle School Math Class Expectations & Grading Policies
Grade 6 - 8
Algebra I
NYS Math Standards

Middle School Science Class Expectations & Grading Policies
Grade 5-8 
Next Generation Learning Standards

Middle School ELA / Literature Class Expectations & Grading Policies
Grade 5B - 8
Next Generation Learning Standards

Middle School Social Studies Class Expectations & Grading Policies
Grade 5 - 8
NYS Learning Standards

Middle School Theology Class Expectation & Grading Policies
Grade 4 & 5 Curriculum & Grading Policies
Grade 6 Curriculum & Grading Policies
Grade 7 Curriculum & Grading Policies
Grade 8 Curriculum & Grading Policies
Circle of Grace & NYS Social-Emotional Learning Standards

World Language Enrichment Class Expectations (PK-8)
Class Overview
Participation Rubrics

Library Class Expectations
Library Grading Policies
Curriculum & NYS Learning Standards

Media Class Expectations (K-8)
Grading Policies
Curriculum & NYS Learning Standards

Art Classroom Expectations (PK - 8)
Art Grading Policies
Curriculum & NYS Learning Standards

Physical Education Class Expectations (PK-8)
Physical Education Grading Policies
Curriculum & NYS Learning Standards

Health Class Expectations (Grades 4-8)
Health Grading Policies
Curriculum & NYS Learning Standards